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Johannes Wittenbeck

Rally Driver Johannes Wittenbeck

Johannes is a passionate athlete with a deep interest for racing. At the age of 14, he began his cycling journey, competing for two years in the U19 category for the German junior team Auto Eder Bayern (rookie team of BORA hansgrohe) in international races. He continued his cycling endeavors for two more years in the German Cycling League, holding onto his passion for biking to this day. Following his high school graduation, Johannes embarked on a journey to study Industrial Engineering in Landshut.

Since childhood, Johannes has held a keen interest in motorsports, igniting his fervor for Formula 1 at the age of 13. As he approached 17 and the prospect of obtaining his driver’s license drew nearer, his fascination with cars and the world of motorsport grew exponentially. Driven by a strong desire to gain experience, he ventured into slalom racing, laying the groundwork for his motorsport career. In 2020, Johannes made his foray into regional rally racing with a self-built Ford Fiesta ST150, achieving notable success with a 3rd place championship finish in his class and securing two podium finishes during the 2022 DRC season (Deutscher Rallye Cup).

Driven by determination and ambition to compete on an international stage, Johannes transitioned into professional motorsport in 2023. Taking the leap as an independent athlete, he now competes across Europe in the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup with an Opel Corsa e-Rally.

contact: info@wittenbeck-racing.de

ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup

The Infypower chargebyte e-Rally Team is a current team of racing driver Johannes Wittenbeck, participating in international rallies of the German automotive manufacturer Opel since the 2023 season. The ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup is the successor to the Opel Adam Cup,
Opel’s junior series. The winner of the Cup gets a driver’s place as a works
driver for Opel in the European Rally Championship.
With the move to an electric series, the Cup is the flagship for Opel and its
future. In addition, according to Opel CEO Huettl , the Cup contributes to the
development of electric cars, as the vehicles are built on a production basis
and subjected to high stresses. The Cup is the first electric Rally
Championship worldwide . And that‘s why it gets more famous year by
year . The Cup consists of 8 race weekends. These are A events, which
corresponds to a competition length of 90 to 130 kilometers over 2 to 3

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Regional Rallys 2020 - 2022

Johannes Wittenbeck Christian Koke

The DMSB Rallye Cup is the second league in German rallye motorsport.

The preliminary rounds of the compact one-day events are held in two regions, with the final decision made at the joint final event. Points are awarded in the respective classification classes, allowing participants in smaller vehicles to have legitimate chances of winning in the HJS DMSB Rallye Cup.